Skilpadde Labs Apps

A workspace for creating node-based algorithmic compositions on the iPad.
  • Custom C++ audio synthesis engine.

  • Synths, Filters, Delays, Pattern Generators.

  • Many custom controls drawn with CoreGraphics and PaintCode.

  • Objective-C

Formant synth.
  • Updated Dingsaller synthesis engine.

  • Many custom controls drawn with CoreGraphics and PaintCode.

  • Objective-C.

WFMU On Demand

Live streaming radio app for the Apple TV.

  • Parses the station xml feeds.

  • Plays live streams and archived shows.

  • Shows station news.

  • Uses Swift, NSXMLParser, and NSURLSession.

West Bend Sheepshead

The classic two-to-five player card game.

Illustrations by Charles George

  • SpriteKit

  • Game Center

Contract Work

Created a library to add timecode to a commercial teleprompter app.

  • Enumerated and connected to available audio devices.

  • Notified the app if the audio device changed.

  • Created Objective-C classes to read SMPTE Time Code from an audio input and send delegate messages to the main app.

  • Integrated the open source C++ library libltc to decode the SMPTE stream.

  • Gracefully handled the occasional dropped SMPTE frame.