Project Experience

A job/gig matching service in the Swedish market.

  • Participated heavily in app design and creating the MVP.

  • Lead an iOS team of 2 taking the app from design to shipping in under 4 months.

  • Mentored a junior developer with helpful and encouraging code review.

  • Wrote a local mock server with a macOS GUI using Apple's swift-openapi-generator.

  • Helped with the REST API design.

  • Debugged API issues with tools such as Charles and RapidAPI.

  • Utilized modern iOS technologies like SwiftUI and Async/Await.

  • Implemented the MVVM design pattern.

  • Ensured Accessibility using Dynamic Type and Accessibility Type Sizes.

  • Integrated BankID login and contract signing.

  • Managed code signing, provisioning, and TestFlight and App Store distribution.

Catch Me

App Store (Swedish)

Internal app for time logging using the Noko service.

  • Created a reusable Swift package to update the network layer for Async/Await.

  • Worked on a UI redesign using mostly SwiftUI but bridging key existing elements from UIKit using UIViewRepresentable.

  • Implemented OAuth login.

Noko Time

A rebranding of Bontouch's internal event app for public use.

  • Added a theme system for colors and images as a Swift Package.

  • Worked on creating a white-label system to easily rebrand and sell app instances.

  • Worked on making services into modular protocols and moving functionality to Swift packages.

  • Managed code signing, provisioning, and TestFlight and App Store distribution.

Midsummer NYC

App for finding and configuring machine tool parts.

  • Successfully took over a 1 month project from another team on short notice.

  • Found and fixed a bug that was showing hundreds of daily crashes in Crashlytics.

  • Fixed dozens of project build warnings and runtime thread violations.

  • Managed code signing, provisioning, and TestFlight and App Store distribution.

Seco Tools Assistant

App for managing 3M Air Filter Sensors and Smart Air Purifiers.

  • Took over a complicated codebase containing multiple coding styles making use of rxSwift, Combine, UIKit, and SwiftUI.

  • Worked on a complete UI refresh.

  • Helped with transition to v2 BLE sensors.

  • Added iOS Widgets.

  • Maintained Siri Shortcuts.

  • Replaced all CocoaPods dependencies with Swift Packages.

  • Location Services and Geofencing.

  • Worked with Push Notifications.

  • Added additional Azure functions in Kotlin for new Amazon Alexa skills.

  • Handled handover of the iOS project when the client brought the app in-house.

Filtrete Smart™️

3M app for capturing and sharing notes and brainstorming sessions.

  • A large legacy Objective-C and UIKit code base.

  • Recorded and added Sound Effects.

  • Added Haptics.

  • Added a feature to export notes to the Trello service.

  • Added an OCR handwriting-to-text feature.

  • Created a macOS command line testbed to evaluate Google, Microsoft, and Apple OCR services.